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free Christian cross scroll saw pattern
free scrollsaw pattern boats

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free scroll saw patterns


I’ve worked with the scroll saw for well over a decade (far less than many of the people I’ve learned from).  I’ve come to appreciate it as possibly the most technical woodworking tool in existence due to it’s ability to produce, under the control of a true lover of the tool with patience, some of the most detailed and intricate pieces of wooden art ever created.

Having studied the history of the saw and technique, from hand held non-powered saws, to the pedal/foot powered scroll saws, to the modern day fancy electrics with all the whistles, I can safely say that one could spend his entire life mastering just this one tool -- which many woodworkers do not even own!

Something else I’ve learned being in the woodworking market as a pattern producer and woodworker myself -- it’s a sad fact -- that we woodworkers are in danger of becoming extinct.

It’s true.  High school woodworking shops all around the U.S. and abroad are being shut down, cut out, and eliminated.  Where did YOU first come in contact with woodworking?  The lucky ones, like me, had a few mentors and adults who were involved in woodworking. . .and had a shop class in school to boot.

Manufacturing is leaving the U.S. (has been for decades), but it’s a deeper cultural issue than that which is depopulating the country of craftsmen of ANY kind.  If I may rant for a moment:  Our society is too used to having something NOW.

Want a meal?  Pop it in the microwave and wah-lah!  Food!  Need information?  Pop on the computer and wah-lah!

The TV.  Boob tube.  Idiot box.  Few go into the shop or even think about creating something with their own hands.  Why bother when you can get it at WallyWorld for pennies?

Pride.   Education.   Skill building.   Confidence.   Legacy.

These are the reasons we NEED to keep America behind their scroll saws, table saws. . .in the workshop in general, building anything and everything our minds can conceive!

Pass your skill on to a youth.  Or a contemporary.

Please enjoy one or both of the free scroll saw patterns which I have posted above.  Right click on the picture and “save target as” to get a fantastic PDF full size pattern.

Keep on scrolling, America!

Yours in Scrolling and Building....
B. Matthew Jones,


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